Sweet Sweet Summer.

You have finally arrived. 

This semester has possibly been the most draining, incredibly difficult, emotional roller-coasters I have been on but I made it through alive, and that’s all I was asking for.  

I did nothing today, absolutely nothing. And it was bliss.  

Well thats not all true. I did clean out my car which I have practically been living in driving back and forth to Belmont every day. That took my a couple of hours. I also watched The Office Season 1, and Just Friends. A very chillaxed day, indeed. 

I decided that today, as the beginning of the summer that I would start journaling via blog. I took a spiritual formation class (best flippin class ever) and we were required to journal and it was a very enlightening experience that I wish to continue. So, here I am….this blog sorta reminds me of the more mature version of xanga from high school haha!  

Bring on the sweet sweet summer! 

Peacin out

.sydney arden


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