The Strays Love Me…

That’s correct. So, two days ago this random little jack russel wandered up to our back deck one morning when my Mom and I were having our breakfast coffee, He was obviously lost and confused. He’s very sweet and lovable. Me and my Mom encouraged it to leave and find its way but to no avail. So we went inside and thought that was the last we would see of it. Wrong. Two days later when I was cleaning out my car, he showed up again. Oh boy. This time he looked skinnier and tired so I gave in and gave it some food and water. Mistake. I knew better but its wimpery little whines were irresistible. Ever since, hes been chillaxin on our back porch. THEN. A few hours later that evening I look on the back porch not only to find the jack russel but a chihuahua!!! WHAT THE FLIP? It was odd, very odd. This dog was not as friendly, but was very skiddish and tried to snap at me, it was scared to death, and to be honest I was just as afraid as it. I rolled my eyes, went inside to bed. This morning, I thought that they might be gone but no. I found them cuddling on one of chairs. OH GEEZE, I thought. However, I the little chihuahua had warmed up to me and came up and licked (Ew) my hand. We have been buddies ever since.  The Jack Russel:

dog 2            

Then the random chihuahua arrived:

2 dogs

And unfortunately…. we have BONDED!!!! OH no.


Yeh, I do not feel ashamed for putting her in that bag, I think she liked it. I do feel bad about bonding with it though; its hard not to.

So, I have made Found signs and put them all over the neighborhood. Hopefully someone responds and whisks them away before I am tempted to name them..

Peacin Out-



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