They are gone

Yes, my new furry little friends did indeed have a home…like 5 houses up the road?! 

Just as me and Chia (yes i named one of them) were having a photo-shoot, my Dad asked a passing neighbor who was walking his dog is he knew anyone that was missing two dogs. He did and I had to take them back to the orig. owners. It was a sad day. Here is the photo shoot me and Chia once shared: 

Photo 2485

Photo 2483

Photo 2486

Photo 2493

Photo 2489

 I shall miss Chia and our new found friendship. 


THE OFFICE.  Season Finale. … It was okay. flippin exciting.  I almost peed my pants. Pam & Jim are having a mini jimmy or pammy! WOW. Maybe they should have gotten married the episode before after all. 

Sorry if you are not an Office fan, the above was probably a combination of boring and confusing but that would not have been an issue if you gave in and flipped to NBC every Thursday at 8pm every week. But you didn’t, and now you are confused and will have to wait for the next season where you will be even more confused. bahaha. 

( Anyhoom, I am finding that I have A LOT of extra free time now that summer is here and it is ODD. )

Next on my agenda. JULIA NUNES. My new found uke playing, folk singing friend on youtube. She has a wonderful channel that will make you giggle and envy her crazy uke and voice skills. Shes funny, shes raw, shes talented, and quirky. Check her out. Anddd, best of all, she is coming to Bonaroo. Never been a fan of that whole scene but I might just go to see her, ya know since my grandparents live in Manchester. Why not? As long as I don’t get harassed by naked drugged up hippies, im down. 


Peacin Out-


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