(I need to write. here goes…)

Dance with sweet abandon

Oh sweet child, your heart is heavy.

Your achy bones yearn to give into the music

Suppress. Detain. Shield.

These are your coping mechanisms.

The music grows louder and you can no longer hold this burden,

‘Shed your layers’ the harmony whispers.

Painfully, you allow a tear to form and even more painfully you let it fall

You fall and keep falling, deeper and deeper

You fall into the music and it swallows you whole

No longer can you run away.

The music forces you to truly see.

Your hurt.

Your suffering.

Your  self.

All you want to do is crawl in a cocoon but the music will not allow it

So, my child all there is left to do is dance

Dance with sweet abandon

Unleash your soul to the beat of the song and free it to move, breathe, leap and turn with your story.

For your pain is your beauty. Your suffering is your motivation. And you are free.

Free to love, free to receive, free to listen and free to dance.

So my child, dance with sweet abandon.  


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