There’s a Brit in Town

Corrie has arrived in the good ole south ya’ll!  

Corrie is a VERY good friend from England- we met at the all-girls school I went to and have been best friends since! Anyways, my sister Whitney is also best friends with Cor and so me and Corrington have been planning her trip as a surprise present for Whitney for almost a WHOLE year. It has been the MOST difficult secret to keep!!!! Omgoodness.   Here is a vid of me and Cor reuniting at the airport….


So how did we end up surprising her?   It was difficult. Mostly because Whitney had planned to go to several parties that night due to graduation and so she was forever changing her schedule. Also, we had a bajillion unplanned family guests arrive the day before which only added to the stress of planning an actual surprise. Anyways, we finally figured out what we would do.

Whitney was at home and me, Lucas, and Corrie headed our way to the ‘Boro after having a nice Starbucks drink and went to work. When we pulled up in our neighborhood I took an alternate route and parked the car in the undeveloped street near by where no one could see us. Then I opened the trunk. See where this is headed? With Corrie beaming with excitement and some hesitation, she got in my trunk whilst laughing uncontrollably. She had her video camera in hand to capture the whole ordeal and we went over the surprise strategy several times. Me and Lucas hopped in the car and I made sure I turned around quickly to scare Cor a bit- hehe. All me and Lucas could hear was a muffled mixture of laughter and screaming. I pulled in the driveway and told Cor to keep it quiet. I went inside, got Whitney and told her that I wanted her to go ahead and open my graduation present and that she could get it from my trunk. She saw Lucas and the wheels began to turn and she was very skeptical about what was in the truck but still very oblivious to what or whom it was. I opened the trunk and after that it was all screams. She FLIPPED out and ran backwards- LOL and then fell to the ground. Corrie popped out and then lots and lots of hugs followed. It was perfect.  LOVED it.   Whitney had no idea the whole time and it has been the most fun surprise! We have been enjoying Corrie’s stay and have made sure we have fed her the American way by eating out at all her fave restaurants. She will be here the whole month of June!!! So stay tuned for some upcoming updates and photos of our time with her! 

Peacin’ Out


One thought on “There’s a Brit in Town

  1. Sydney I enjoyed reading this! The video of you and Corrie is SO sweet 🙂 So glad Whitney was suprised! The trunk idea is too funny- will have to get together!

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