LOST: 10 year old girl.

whole new world

I long to be ten years old again. I look at this picture and try to remember what it felt like to not have to worry about next month’s rent or the amount of school loans that are forever mounting up. All I was worried about in that picture was being able to stand up on those cheap, plastic dress-up high heels I was wearing. 

When I say I long to be ten years old again, I do not mean I wish I could go back, erase the history I have made and magically become 10. No, that would not be of benefit. However, I wish I could regain that silly, naive, imaginative, dorky spirit of that ten year old Sydney again. The spirit that believed in dreams, in the people around her and that there is love and goodness in the world and the spirit that believed that somehow she might be able to change the bad.

The ten year old spirit of Sydney knew that God was good and that she was loved by God. And it was as simple as that. She didn’t worry about the theological debates and exegetical research. She simply loved and was loved by her creator. 

That my friends, is the spirit I yearn to find once again. 

I’m off to go searching for her…will let you know how it goes 😉


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