With everything I declare to you all whether it be about my recent events, worries, troubles, funny stories etc. I feel like I do not declare Love enough. Possibly, because I do not want to bore or brag too much but I feel the need to at this particular moment.

I have been with a very important person for over a year now and in that year I have been changed. Being a very independent (some might have said I was too independent, and I would agree) person, this past year has been one that has required lots of demolition of walls I have spent a life time building. I’m still a walking construction site. Its’ true. However, I am thankful that I have had someone to hold my hand and cushion the somewhat painful blows I have had to experience in order to know love. 

Lucas Hutson is a surprise, one that never seems to give up. From his exterior, you might never know the depth of wisdom, maturity & nurturing he contains. (He might not like that I am saying this..hehe) He has truly been patient and held my hand through so much. It has been a privilege to hold his hand through the struggles and changes he has endured as well. I just want to uplift him and declare my love and thankfulness for my Mr. Wonderful. God knew what God was doing when we were put into each other’s lives. Here are just a few things I am thankful of Lucas for:

  • Taking time to cook together! 
  • Always stopping me before I take my first bite and grabbing my hand to remind me to share in prayer together before our meal. (this happens every time! ha!)
  • Whenever I cry (which unfortunately is quite a bit lately) he makes me look in his eyes and tells me he loves me. 
  • Calling me before he goes to bed to say good night 
  • Opening the door to the car/store/etc 
  • His love and passion for the youth at Impact
  • His giving/helpful personality- he would do anything for anyone 
  • The cute little cheesy things he says that still give me butterflies, he can be so romantic 
  • The way he seems to be in-tuned to my emotions and feelings- he can pick up on anything and respond to it

Okay, I am going to stop myself for the sake of everyone, don’t want anyone to gag. 

Anyways, I am not only in love…Im captured in it through the good and the bad, the exciting times and the boring. And that is my declaration!   Here is a poem that I found and loved in a love poetry book I rented from one of mine and Lucas’ trips to the library! : 

In Love Made Visible -May Swenson

In love are we made visible. 

As in a magic bath

are unpeeled 

to the sharp pit 

so long concealed 


With love’s alertness

we recognize

the soundless whimper 

of the soul

behind the eyes 

A shaft opens 

and the timid thing 

at last leaps to surface 

with full-spread wing


The fingertips of love discover more than the body’s smoothness 

They uncover a hidden conduit 

for the transfusion 

of empathies that circumvent 

the mind’s intrusion 


In love are we set free 

Objective bone 

and flesh no longer insulate us 

to ourselves alone 

We are released 

and flow into each other’s cup 

Our two frail vials pierced 

drink each other up

silly lovers


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