Year Gone By

So, I had the hankering to blog this morning, and yesterday but I pushed it aside. But, here I find myself on my blog I started a year ago-barely touched, collecting dust. I am not very good at being consistent I suppose.  Reading my past blogs is a lot like catching up with an old friend. You know, the kind of friend you feel guilty for not keeping up with. The longer you loose connection, the more difficult it is to relight that fire. Yeah, that’s the relationship I have with this ole’ blog.

So do I dare recap on this past year? Seems like too much work to me. I’ll do it list form- I enjoy lists.

* I finished my JUNIOR year of college- say wha!?? Yeah. I know, right? I am going to brag on myself right now- call me egotistical or whatev but I need to do this for me. I made it a whole 2 semesters making all A’s & B’s (and one C- darn you junior cornerstone class). It’s a miracle.

* I worked at the Starbucks and loved it at first until I realized how much I hated working for a certain manager who I’m pretty convinced that he/she was unaware  that he/ she was in fact the manager. yeah.

* I was (and still am) a dance company member at Belmont University and I have fallen in love with my passion for dance over and over. I feel so alive when I’m dancing. I’m glad that I never gave up on that passion and hope I never do. May I dance until I’m wrinkled, fat and fallin out of a wheel chair! And I can not fail to mention that this year I have really found friendship with my fellow dancers- Spring Break +Florida+Dancers= Best week of my life…and now the pictures…

*I understand what paying rent and bills feels like now. Hm, not a fan..not a fan at all. But I have so enjoyed my little 1930’s house in the most beautiful part of Nashville with my best friend. It’s been real.

*I am now a full-time nanny of 3 feisty children whom I am beginning to love! It’s a pretty cool gig- I am moving in next week into their beautiful Brentwood home where I have my own room which includes a california king bed, huge flat screen tv, bathroom. Um, yes please. Not to mention the movie theater, full gym, pool-table and entertainment center in the basement and pool next door.  I get to live there free and then they pay me for being with kids- ITS GREAT. I feel very blessed. Not to mention- I really do love the kids. I am learning so much about life through them- and learning some beneficial parenting skills. ha!

*My family are all embarking on new paths. Whitney completed her freshman year at Belmont along with me as a nursing student but realized that it’s not her thing so she will be taking some religion and dance classes next semester-yey!! We are a lot a like, even if she hates to admit it. My Mom is working at a fancy legal office as a para legal assistant and I think she is enjoying that but here’s the zinger- she’s running to be the Officer of Deeds in our county! Who would have thought? She’ll be great at that and I hope she wins! As for my Dad, he is dabbling in all kinds of things as always- purchasing gold and has been selected and trained to be a leader to train others to be effective conservative advocates. Summed up: we are all over the place…as usual.

*I am still happily in love with my best friend/partner in crime, Lucas Hutson. We just acknowledged our almost 2 year anniversary. That is just crazy to me. That takes place June 21st. I have been asked the awkward questions over and over by family and know, the ones that sound something like: “Sooo… where is the ring?” and “Has he popped the question yet”. My answer is usually told immediately by my facial expression because we all know I can’t control my face or the blatant absence on my ring finger (duh, people). I usually get a little sassy when asked because..well it’s me. So to clear the air: Yes I am totally expecting to grow old with that boy. No, there is no secret ring present on my finger or anywhere else that I know of except at the ring store. I will let ya know when it all goes down and how and I’m sure I will have pictures to share because I love pictures! Is it bad that I have already planned the whole wedding? I mean a girl can dream, right?

So. My lists sorta turned out to be paragraphs- whoopsies! Now that I’ve thrown-up my year, I do plan to continue blogging little bits and bobs this summer for funzies! Let the summer shaninagans commence!



One thought on “Year Gone By

  1. Great update, Syd! You have done and accomplished SO much this past year! It’s been such a blessing to have you as a roommate and you will be missed! love- Rachel

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