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SO, I’m the most inconsistent blogger there is, but with good reason: I’m too busy reading other blogs. They all happen to be wedding blogs. (I’m beginning to blush..) I know, I know. I’m not engaged yet. BUT, if you know me really well, you would know that I am such a planner.

Since I could talk and write,  I would plan birthdays, play dates, sleep overs, & matching outfits with my other girl friends. My best friend and I would come up with a long list of invites (in codename ofcourse, just in case one of our classmates might find it) and then eliminate one by one as the months past until our birthday parties arrived. We would ALWAYS pick a theme and plan the whole event around it. The theme would have to be unique- ofcourse!

So now that birthday parties consist mostly of a dinner date with my ladies and family,  I have moved onto planning the biggest party I will ever celebrate- my wedding. Some might think that I’m just plain silly for getting so ahead of myself (‘that girls not even engaged’ some might whisper) but I just ENJOY planning artsy, creative details and my hope is that wedding is chock full with who I and my boy are.  Lucas is also so so into this process already to and has had so many unique fun ideas to infuse into our celebration- I LOVE IT! SO, take a peek at just a few things we have already decided on. Each thing, is very meaningful and a part of who we are!

Theme: Vintage Love

Lucas & I are obsessed with all things antique/old. Lucas especially enjoys history…I just enjoy their fashion/architecture/classiness. I grew up in a 150 year old house complete with 11 acres and a barn, sheds and appliances to match. Vintage things are just a part of who I am. There is something mysteriously holy in a treasure from the past. So, our wedding will embody that part of us. My dream? To find a beautiful vintage wedding dress. My compromise- finding a vintage style with a modern twist.

Others vintage infused details:

Lucas’ Memother is a quilter. When I saw this bride’s arch, I fell in love (notice the tree branches and sweet ribbons!). So, Lucas asked his Memother to quilt us a special wedding quilt. It’s made, and absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to see it again on the big day!

Old windows used for directing guests to the venue? Um, yes please. We have LOADS that we salvaged from our old house and I plan on taking advantage of this creativity!

Vintage inspired bird cage vail? An absolute must for me. I have never been fond of a really long vail- its a little too much for me. But a birdcage vail?! Oh how classy and has total potential for a DIY project!

These boutineers are oh so trendy. Never have been a big fan of guys wearing bulky flowers on their collars..but I think this would such a classy/fun alternative! LOVE IT.

Mason jars? Ofcourse. Because, we all know everything tastes better in them. But they serve more purposes than just housing drinks and preserves. Think candle holders, centerpieces, guest gifts… and so much more. They will be  key touch to our vintage wedding.

Not only do we want our wedding to say VINTAGE, we also want it to be FUN. I hate, hate, hate stuffy, formal weddings. They are uncomfortable, boring and very formatted. Lucas and I are the furthest from that. We want this to be a refection of who we’ve been, who we are and who we want to become! We want our friends to be a part, feel at home and celebrate a big party! So, the one thing that I will not budge on is an OUTDOOR wedding and I HAVE to get married under a big tree. When I was little I would spend the entire day under trees, playing and pretending the trees were my friends (I was a strange child).  I have always loved trees and their graceful but powerful presence they carry. Lucas spent his childhood climbing (and falling) out of trees so what would be more appropriate? I often here people say things like “but shouldn’t you marry in a church as a symbol to your devotion to God?” My take on it is this: God created nature, man created buildings. I feel God more often outside in my Maker’s creation far more than I do in a church building.

It gives me chills just thinking about how special this is!

I am all over this idea!!!!

In love with the cake stand… you will definitely be seeing this at my wedding.

Guest books? Who really sits down and looks through them after your first year of marriage?  I ADORE the idea of a bench that guest sign. How special… Something that you can sit and read together during devotional time. YES YES YES.

Candy bars are the definitely the “new thing”. I love it! How fun!

Flower girls and tutus. You know that I am in love with this idea.

Hand made fans that double as the order of the service? Oh man, this takes me back to the little chapel in my Grandparents woods we used to attend when we were little. And having an outdoor wedding just calls for this too cute idea.


Lucas & I have grown up going to the same church and church camps through out our child/adulthood. Campfire is one of our (and many other of our family and church fam’s) favorite memory and favorite part of camp. There is something absolutely holy at a campfire surrounded by friends and family. We will definitely be ending our special day with our favorite activity and what is more cuter than sharing smores with our friends and fam?

Fake mustaches and props make for great fun for guest..throw up a cool piece of fabric and have a camera ready and you’ve got yourself and DIY Photobooth and excellent conversation starter and memory that your friends and fam will cherish! These are so popular at the moment and I can see why! Must have at our wedding!

So this has served as my wedding idea/inspiration board. I have started collecting these ideas and images over a year ago from my fave wedding blogs and continue to- you should see my “future wedding” file! haha! It’s so fun! We have tons of other ideas but I can’t share all of them, now can I? Hope you enjoyed a look into our future wedding celebration! Now, just don’t steal too many of our ideas! haha




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