Mission: Wonderful Life.

I’m on a mission. Wanna know? Don’t worry it’s not top-secret or anything.

So today, I scooped up the kids (just to clarify: not my own, I am a full-time, live in nanny. Now you may breathe) and we headed to Hobby Lobby. Why? Because crafts are a lifesaver when there is a chance of frying up like a chip or melting like an ice pop when you step outside into this blistering heat. Growing up, I loathed crafts because of a traumatic Elmer’s glue incident in the 1st grade. Let’s just say a black pleather dress (Mother, what where you thinking?) and a child who doesn’t understand that you actually have to twist the little orangey lid to allow proper glue flow do not mix. However, since the newsman said that I would be a poor child carer or friend of the elderly if I allowed them to play in the “Heat Advisory” weather, I have decided to put my craft grudge aside and embrace all things glittery, stickery and even gluey.

So, after all these crafty type things made their way into my basket, much to the children’s glee I glanced over my right shoulder to find a display of journals. Pretty journals. I love stationary type things, it’s a nostalgic kinda love. I stared at these journals and basked in all their glory and tried to talk myself out of a near future purchase. “I have so many half written journals already, I mean seriously Sydney…you do not need another”, I said sternly to myself. And then another voice spoke so clearly “I could really use a brand new fresh journal, maybe I will actually use it if it isn’t cluttered with past bad decisions and stupid past crush confessions”.  Ah, yes. I really like some of the things I say in my head.

The journal made into the basket quickly and into the maze of breakable, over priced, glass type decor toward the registers I bravely journeyed with the 5 and 7-year-old who had declared that they were “tired and dehydrated” (George’s exact words). After yelling,  “DO NOT TOUCH, DO NOT WRESTLE, and for goodness’ sakes PLEASE STOP HARASSING EACH OTHER” we reached the register without breaking the over priced, breakable glass type decor. It is times like these that I am made aware that there is a God and that this God is in fact nice and good. This God is actually quite the comedian if I may add. Funny guy. (or girl, just incase my Christian Doctrine or Ethics professor was to read this).

When I got home I did all those crafty type things with all the glittery, stickery and gluey things with the kids and they were fed, cuddled and in bed I made a straight sprint to my room to my newly purchased, fresh, blank journal and was inspired by the cover: “It’s a Wonderful life”. I pondered this claim and  laughed (not out loud, it wasn’t that funny) at its irony. I mean, this life at times, is not at all wonderful. It can be quite poopy at times. But what kind of journal factory would make any $$ with a Quote that said “It’s a Poopy Life”?

After philosophizing and theorizing and wondering if I made an unethical purchase I decided that there must be at least one wonderful event, acquaintance, idea, day-dream, interaction that occurs in my life every day…right? And then, I started to get excited because an idea started brewin’ in my brain. The idea was this: “What if I write about one wonderful thing every day?” Maybe if I look enough I will find more than one?! Oh, the amount of hope this idea brings makes me wanna do a jig. So, my challenge begins: journalling every day about 1 wonderful event that occurs- simple.

Here goes nothing

Wonderful Moment #1: Today Caroline (she’s five and such a sweet pea (and sometimes a diva)) embraced me and would not let go. I walked around for about 2 minutes with a small body attached to my side and loved every second of my extra carry-on. It is wonderful to feel loved & appreciated. That feeling is a small miracle in itself.

Please excuse my Macbook’s inability to capture a picture that is not a  mirror image. Sheesh. I’m hoping that most can read backwards?

And for a finale’ to make up for the backwards picture, a song from a group that I adore right now:



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