Wonderful Incident # 2.

Ok, so this is a good thing..Im following through and coming back to blog 2 days in a row to report my Wonderful moment number two. Go me! Okay, enough with the self affirmations…I’m sure you are just dying to find out what kind of wonderful I experienced, right? Well, either way it’s going to make its way in the paragraph below.

Wonderful Moment #2: I am worthy to invest in myself. Some might say that may sound selfish; I can’t blame ya, I used to feel the same. I am realizing more and more that it is a beautiful thing to love myself and nurture the person I am becoming. Those Loreal commercials were onto something I believe..and I’m not commenting about the shiny hair. So, today the kids asked to play with the next door neighbors. I called their mom and she graciously agreed. For two whole hours I had “me time”. I didn’t know where to begin at first. After a few seconds of twiddling my thumbs I dug into my devotional book and did some breathing exercises. That stuff isn’t just for the hippy dippy tree hugging people out there but I won’t waste any more time trying to convince you. After that, I decided I need some uplifting quotes to go on my newly purchased pretty stationary. So online I ventured and caught what I was searching for.

My fave quotes? “See the world as if for the 1st time; See it through the eyes of a child , and you will suddenly see that you are free”. Thanks Deepak Chopra for throwing that out there, love it! Oh and lets here another one shall we?! “Character cannot be developed in ease & quiet. Only though experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved”. Nice one Hellen Keller, 2 thumbs up! There were many more that will find their way on my mirror, in my Bible and the books I am currently reading just as a nice reminder that I deserve to be inspired and motivated.

  1. Heres some more backwards writing for ya–>

2. I also had time to create another fabric hair flower. —>

Mission Wonderful is going well…wonderful. 2 days strong!  Tune in tomorrow evening with my wonderful moment #3.  Lets hope its..wonderful.



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