5 Year Old Wisdom.

Wonderful can be hard to find sometimes. I diligently looked for it today, but it was unwilling to make an appearance. Wonderful can be quite stubborn.

I am almost sure the children banned together for a secret operation to break me down today. I was determined to not let them. My sister came over today and they are different children when “new” people are around. Her presence immediately transformed their behavior.

We decided to make cookies in place of our normal “craft” time. I was becoming more and more stressed at the amount of mess that was being created… flour was everywhere. And this brings me to my…

Wonderful Moment #3:

It must have been evident that I was stressed to the max about the whole flour situation because my sweet 5 yr. old (that I nanny) spoke these wonderful words: “Don’t worry Miss Sydney, this is dirt of joy!”. I stood in shock for the wisdom that poured out of her sweet, small, innocent, 5yr. old mouth. I asked her where she had heard that and she simply stated “Me!”. Whether or not she heard that from a cooking show or her Mother I am still impressed that she was capable of providing such beautiful spoken word when I really needed it. That is wisdom my friends. That is a wonderful moment.



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