Oh, hello 2011. Pleased to meet ya’

The year I will graduate UNIVERSITY! (fingers crossed)

The year I will become a WIFE with a…HUSBAND! (what what!)

The year I will loose 30 pounds. Yes, that is my goal.

Along with those 3 things, a million other things will go along with them and then I will have another billion things to do to distract me from the other million things. Just tryin’ to be real with ya!


Next week I have the honor and utter most joy to accompany one of my dearest friends, Rachel Ann (who JUST got engaged! wooo!) to NEW YORK CITY. “Why?”, you ask. Well because her future Mother-in Law entered Brett(the future hubs) and Rachel into Martha Stewart’s best love story competition for 2 free tickets to one of her most coveted Wedding show that she airs once a year. We will be viewing all the top bridal fashions and trends for 2011 along with 100 other brides to be! I could pee my pants!! More than anything though, I’m so excited to spend this special time with my dear friend of many years and celebrate being engaged. Who would have thought when we used to play make-believe and make those goofy movies in 4th grade that one day we would both be engaged to be married the same year to two great guys?! This could be a movie, ya’ll!

Ok, enough excited ranting for today! (I have been waiting to exclaim this for 3 weeks now..I had to keep it from everyone, even Rachel, for what seemed like years!)

I’m sure this blog will be filled with wedding ideas and thoughts as well as self-reflections, fears, hopes, pictures and random goofiness. Maybe even some before and after pictures once I loose that 30 pounds. (Im being so serious about this! just ya’ll wait!)

This year is starting out to be one filled with excitement! Cheers to a good year!




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