Wonderful is the live of a Dancer

Good day all you that are reading this.  I contemplated whether or not this blog is even worthy of dedicating my time and effort- I mean does anyone read this? The answer my friends, is yes. Yes they do. I know this because of the rate tracker that is provided. Quite a few people do actually- thats cool! So all you unknown inconspicuous readers out there- THANKS!

The truth is though, even if there wasn’t any readers, I would still blog because it is a type of therapy for me! Also, I really enjoy it.

It is approx. 12:20pm right now, and I am enjoying the company of all types of people at the bustling, busy, lunch hour of Bongo Java. I am surrounded by class mates, professors, randomers, coffee house junkies and good ole Kevin Twit from RUF. I am quite certain that he might live here. Anyhooom…

Wonderful Moments:

1. My tummy is full of organic goodness and warm tasty coffee.

2. My mind is full from a wonderful lecture about dance and spirituality

3. My heart is full from the love that embraces and enriches my life aka my dance family. They just get me.

Today is a day of dance. I hit the jackpot, mother-load of dance schedule of events. Dance lecture, dance rehearsal, dance class, dance show, then a night of dining with dance family. This might the best day of the whole year..with the exception of my wedding ofcourse…that will be an all together different type of dance!

A little rant about my feelings on Dance:

Dancing makes my life legitimate. It helps me understand who I was, who I am and who I want to be. It pushes me to be better, to understand more, to love abundantly. It challenges my thoughts, it helps me see the world through a different lens; one that allows me to see deeper. It is a vital connective tissue that threads and binds all the different facets of my life into an intricate weaving of the tapestry that is my life. It connects me to others. It forces me to be vulnerable. It allows me to feel, to hurt, to cry with more than tears; with my whole being. It allows me to embrace joy and go forth and pass it on. It allows me to question, it allows me to make, it allows me to create. It allows me to break down barriers. It allows me to be.



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