Homeward Bound…some time

For the past 5 years I have moved into 9 different living arrangements. From dorms, an apartment to moving into a family’s home to be a live-in nanny I have been uprooted more than I care for.

My heart is longing for a home with my soul mate.

I had a mini break down about this on Friday. I just got overwhelmed with how spread out my life is. My school is 45 mins away, my family is about the same distance in the opposite direction, my church is another 30 mins away and my fiance is also 30 mins away. I am so over this transitional phase of my life.

I absolutely can not wait to come home to my love, light candles, cook dinner and snuggle together. I know this is such a simple aspiration, but to me, it sounds like a dream.

Until I have that home to come to, I have so enjoyed dreaming and planning how I want to make our home. A home is not just a place you sleep and eat in but it is a sanctuary. I am a strong believer of this idea. A home should be a place you should feel comfortable sleeping, crying, loving, creating and being. With this in mind, my outlet for stress and school has been dreaming up what type of space we would want to create! Here are some photos from my Pinterest account. I love this website- its like a having a virtual pin board of inspiration!

One day!   Hope is my something wonderful.


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