230 days

until I am a wife. I soon will shed the title fiancee’ and be a Mrs. It’s a little bit too exciting for me to even digest this. It also makes me freak out a little because I am far behind on wedding planning. It is a little scary. I’m actually not that stressed about it (although my crazy day of wedding nightmares I have been having almost every night tell me otherwise).

Recently, Lucas and I have decided that Murfreesboro might not be the place for us after all. We really do love Nashville and Lucas spends 90% of his time at Vanderbilt hookin’ people up for dialysis. It just wouldn’t make sense to be that far away. We originally thought it would be cheaper to live in the ‘boro, but we have found that there is some really great real estate in East Nashville that fits our taste perfectly for really great prices that will actually be “doable” as a lowly, young married couple. I have been researching East Nashville forums to try to figure out whether it is “safe” because everyone always seems to wrinkle up their noses at the very breath of EN. Here’s what I found:

1. East Nashville isn’t just one blob. It actually is sanctioned into several communites.

2. There are “Safer” communities but overall each one is a mixed bag.

3. East Nash is very diverse, creative and artsy- perfect for Lucas and I.

4. There is a very strong sense of community and ownership to make the area better/safer. East Nashvillians take their title seriously and defend their home.

5. Oprah Winfrey’s dad actually owned a barber shop in East Nash and has been working to create programs to make it a safer place to be. Fun Fact!

6. The vibe is a really cool one- plenty of great coffee houses and locally owned shops. Lots of parks, biking, dog-walking etc.

7. Because it is a stone’s throw to downtown this area has some $$ to be made- great investment opportunity. You can get a lot of bang for your buck in places like Shelby Hills and Cleveland. If you look at what houses are worth in other neighboring areas ($500,00’s and upward) you might do yourself some major good by buying in the up and coming areas.

Now that I have done extensive research on the internet, we are going to do some on foot research. We plan on visiting the few houses we have found at different times of the day (morning, rush hour, and late evening) and shop at the local grocery and maybe even try to meet some neighbors of that area. At the end of the day, I know whether or not it is safe by my gut feeling. I have always had a very sharp vibe of when I am in a safe situation or not and I am pretty good at judging how to react so the on foot research will probably be the most beneficial.  Here are a few pictures of the area:

This is my first choice and can you believe it's under $100,000? We already set an appointment to see it!
This is Lucas' favorite- the interior is bursting with character and it's even cheaper (and a little bigger too) than the first! We can NOT wait to view it!

I simply can not wait to see the houses in person and to explore this new neighborhood. So far, I think this will be a perfect fit for the husband and I. I will let ya know how it goes! Exciting times!


2 thoughts on “230 days

  1. 37206- We’ll steal your heart, and your lawnmower.
    37206- Over the river and through the hood.
    37206- Not just for gays anymore.
    37206- Nashville’s animal shelter.
    37206- Way better than Smyrna.

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