A sleepy other half

You know when you fall in love with someone it effects you. But when you decide that this person is the one you want to share life with till the very last breath something else happens, something that completely surpasses just a simple effect. You actually start becoming a single unit…one person with two bodies. I feel this with Lucas, we are beginning to mesh into one person. So, when that person rejoices, so do you. You start eating at the same times, relaxing at the same times, etc.  And when the other person is not well you share in that burden as well.

My other half has struggled with his sleep for years now. He swept this problem under the rug not even realizing how bad it was. When you live with a certain issue for years, it becomes common place and not only until someone else calls you out on it, do you realize the depth of the issue.

After spending lots of time with Lucas, especially on long car rides and trips, I begin to notice how he fell asleep at the wheel often. There was one particular time we were on our way to a young adult church conference in South Carolina that scared me to death. We were driving in crazy interstate through Atlanta and he could not stay awake. I remember being so angry that he wasn’t trying hard enough to stay awake and keep us safe. After being with him for 3 years I begin to realize that this was not a will power issue but an actual real issue out of his control.

After lots of encouragement, Lucas finally agreed to seek medical help. After sharing his sleeping issue with the doctor he prescribed a sleep study. This takes place tomorrow afternoon and I am so thankful we are beginning this process. I am sure it is nothing life threatening and hopefully we can get some helpful answers.

I know this isn’t a huge deal, but it does affect the way we live and puts him/us and other drivers on the road at risk. It also just makes me sad because my other half isn’t healthy. I love him and want the best for him in sickness and in health.

Despite this little bump in the road, Lucas and I love to laugh together. We are more goofy than serious and sometimes I get a little scared about how we are going to be “grown up” together. We’ll muddle along I’m sure. Here is something we laughed at for a while today when we were researching sleep studies:

Lucas was a little upset that the man was so old- hahahaha!

Thats all for today- if you get a chance send a little love/thought/prayer towards Lucas tomorrow. 🙂


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