Home Sweet (almost) Home

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are so giddy. We, as in Lucas and I. “Why?” you ask, because Lucas and I found a house! A house that is below our budget, that we can see ourselves living in and spending our first years as a married couple. It is in East Nashville and runs adjacent to Vernon Winfrey Lane..(Oprah’s dad owned a barber shop on that road, it’s still there!)


We are going back to see it Saturday with some of our fam. My Mom has already seen it and she fell in love, hesitantly, because she is trying to be the voice of reason and is scared for us but she just couldn’t help but love it!

It is tiny. Like a dollhouse. But it’s chock full with character and history! It was “born” in 1920 and has 12ft ceilings through out which makes it feel much more open.  The hard wood floors are so so beautiful and rustic-my favorite part of the whole house. There is a HUGE privacy fenced back yard with patio- perfect for Cotton. Pictures, shall we?

Please note the adorable scallop detail!

oh!! the exposed brick- just lovee
The Kitchen
Sweet little reading nook!
Huge back yard

I just love that it is red. Adorable, little cottage.

We will have to get an inspection, obviously. I am nervous that there are some big issues with this house because it is ancient. I am trying to soak up all my parent’s home buying knowledge because they have done this many a time. There is a lot that goes into this process and it makes me a little queasy but it is mixed with all kinds of excitement. Check back for more of our home buying updates!




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