So, I’m learning how to fall out of love with “our house”. You know how when you were little and a stray dog or kitten came along your parents told you not to name it so that you wouldn’t get attached? The same rule applies when your house shopping. Except, instead of worrying about naming it, you should avoid decorating it in your mind and picturing yourself living there.

The house in my previous post was my first love. I could imagine where I wanted to build free floating shelves, how to arrange furniture and the window planters I wanted to install. However, after viewing the second time, in the day light, with my Dad in tow we found a lot of  scary finds that would lead to a whole new roof…not just shingles but the whole nine yards. We do not want to endeavor in something that is going to cost tons of money and not be able to gain a profit in the future.

So the search went onward as I left a small part of my heart in that charming little red cottage that stole our hearts. We viewed several houses later that day…a couple of foreclosures that had once been beautiful historic homes that were not livable anymore. If we were making the big bucks we would adopt these houses, give them some much needed love and tender care and sale them to people who could love them but we are not in that position just yet. Then before we were about to loose hope about finding our first home we were guided by our realtor to this ” new” sweet cottage:

Potential New Home?

This house was born in 1948 and has beautiful hardwood floors. It is like a doll-house. A tiny doll-house but very sweet and “homey”. I have some reluctance to love this home because I’m still falling out of love with the red cottage. BUT this house would definitely be a much smarter investment. It is in a much better neighborhood, has more land, is structurally sound and would require no repairs. We could move straight in and change some cosmetic things slowly but surely as we can afford it. I secretly really love this house. Lucas adores it and thinks it’s the “one”! LOL More pictures, shall we?

We would paint all the iron black and the door red!

This kitchen needs some cosmetic love
LOVE the back yard

This house definitely lacks in all the character the red house gave, but there are subtle sweet characteristics. It needs some color inside and some love and decor but I can definitely work with that. So, we aren’t deciding on this but just note taking and putting it on the list as a maybe for now. I’m trying to guard my heart, I don’t want to get heart broken again!


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