Pass Me A Hankie.

My fiance’ continues to bless and surprise me. It didn’t stop at the ring ya’ll. While having lunch he passed me a YMCA t shirt after he told me he had signed up. I was proud of him and thought it was funny he had given me his shirt, until he told me the shirt goes along with my membership. I was so happy and surprised. He’s known I really wanted to sign up for a while now but haven’t had the funds to do so. So thankful! So after, we went and worked out and it felt GREAT. I did a cardio work out while he did a mix of cardio and weights. Here’s how cute and cheesy we are:

After we worked out, we cooked a delicious healthy meal that included chicken and fresh veggies! I left to go back home and started thinking about wedding vows and our ceremony.

Lord help me.

It was a matter of seconds and visions of my walking down the aisle  and I was balling like a baby that had just been punched in the face. Once I started crying, I just could not stop thinking and feeling so overwhelmed by the emotions these thoughts provoked. Then I got mad at myself because I started thinking about how RIDICULOUS I will look in all my wedding pictures with mascara running down my face and my nose running. This is a real conundrum. How will I hold it together on my wedding day? I rather not have a slobberfest in front of 150 closest family and friends. Sedation might be a viable option.

As far as home buying is concerned, I am not completely sold on the yellow cottage…There is just something I am unsure about. Maybe it’s the fact that the kitchen is the size of my pinky nail? I don’t know but I found a few cottages I want to view this weekend. The realtor has been contacted and we are ready to go!

Be well!


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