It has been a while. I have lost the capability to charge my beautiful macbook and have yet been able to get it fixed. So, I have been mooching off my sister’s macbook and I usually do not have it long enough to blog. Oh how I’ve missed you my precious blog!!!!

Some quick updates before I begin:

*I have a new job! Well newish. I interviewed for a nanny position for another family with three children. I’m surprised as you are. I didn’t think I would be doing this again. But, I really did love it and I missed being “Miss Sydney”. This is not a live-in situation as before which I am really excited for. Also, I love this family- they are really loving and they live in my fave part of Nashville- 12th south! I haven’t started yet but should very soon. Also, because it isn’t a live-in situation, I get compensated better which I really need, which brings me to my second update!

* We will be putting an offer to our first home in July! This depended on whether or not I got the job. Lucas could have pulled it off on his own but it would leave us no wiggle room. I also hated the idea of not contributing anything…I am far too independent to allow that to happen. So now, we can confidently put an offer in and be comfortable with the $$ I will be bringing to the table. Fingers crossed that it will still be available!

SO. Some of you might know how hard I have been working to loose this extra weight I put on suddenly last summer. I have nearly killed myself with intense cardio work outs and resistance training and eating well… with very few results. So frustrating. I will be going to the Dr. to run some tests and I really want to get my thyroid checked out as it runs on my Mom’s side of the fam. Until that happens though, I’ve decided to give another good ole’ college try. I stumbled upon a lifestyle change that is supposed to reboot your body and cleanse out all the toxins via juice. I have always been very skeptical about programs similar to this but after doing some research, I don’t see any problems/health issues with it. So how does it work?

Basically, I eat and drink only raw fruits and vegetables for 15 days. There are several different varieties of this program, some are more intense than others. The one I have chosen is the entry level program that allows me to eat, blend and juice fruits and veggies for 15 days. By doing this I eliminate all the toxins and “bad stuff” that comes in processed foods and gives me a surge of natural nutrients and vitamins. Because, I don’t eat meat on a daily basis and when I do it’s only chicken or turkey I don’t think I will find this too terribly difficult. I LOVE fruits and veggies! The only thing I will miss is those dang carbs- bread/pasta/rice.  So for the next 15 days, I will be updating you on how it goes and track my progress! If I get whiny or want to quit, I will need you guys to yell at me and give me a kick in the bum!! Reboot


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