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The last time I blogged, I laid out my new lifestyle change of eating only fruits & veggies. I quickly learned that I need to adapt this plan so that I was not ending up shaking and feeling weak all of the time. It simply did not work for my body. I did not want to just give up though.

I was determined to find something that would work for me so with out any prescribed plan, I decided to make my own. With a week of counseling at a church camp, I knew that this would be the perfect time to start a routine and stick with it. I bought a weeks supply of organic goodness from Kroger, packed it up and off I went! I have had lots of questions on how I am doing this and what exactly I am eating, so here you go! 

 My philosophy is that I want to fill my body with as much natural nutrients as possible. This is NOT a diet but a step back to what we were meant to eat and digest! (woah, buddy…digestion will have to be another blog post).  Please just use this as a guide and make sure you tailor this to your body so that it works best and as healthy for YOU!

So what did I eat?


Walmart was selling a huge pack of Blueberries for only .99 cents each! Usually for a pack of it’s size they would be over $4 each, so naturally I put 15 packs into the carts and froze half of them for smoothies.  Score!


These were also on sale so I stocked up on these.


You must be careful with granola- some brands can be loaded with processed ingredients and added sugars/salts. Kroger offers a great organic section and usually beats other groceries on prices. I had a coupon for this granola:

This granola is completely organic, has a great texture and flavor and has tons of beneficial nutrients to offer! But, be careful. Too much grain can make you gain weight, so I always made sure that I added a very small amount and then piled on the berries. Also, I was slightly worried I might get high or something from all the leaves on the box, but no worries, I’m good.

Then to make my meal complete I added this:

This is MUCH healthier than milk & soy milk and in my opinion has a way better taste. It only has 40 calories per 8 oz. WARNING! Make sure you find the UNSWEETENED kind, the one I get is Unsweetened with natural vanilla. It is not too sweet but offers a great taste. I tried the unsweeted/no vanilla and hated it but that’s just a personal preference. It is great in my organic coffee too!

So every day for 7 days for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner I had a bowl of 3/4 cups of granola a big handful of blueberries and 4-5 strawberries sliced up, topped off with a bit of almond milk. 

So,  how did I feel?

I never felt hungry and most times I felt full before I finished. You will be surprised how filling fruit and granola can be! Because, I was running around in 90 degree weather chasing youth around the camp ground I did get slightly hungry in between meals.

When this happened I snacked on these types of food:

If you notice on the right hand side I have carrot chips. My weakness are potato chips so when ever I had the need to chomp on something, these saved my life. I loved them and they are a great energy booster when you feel the need to nibble!

Homemade Trail Mix! Often times, pre-made trail mix has lots of added salts/sugars and other obscure, scary sounding ingredients. So, I bought a bag of unsalted raw almonds, unsalted sunflower kernels (not dry roasted) and dried cranberries(be sparing with these as they have sugar). I filled a big freezer bag full of all three and I still have half a bag left a week later. Not only is it healthier than pre made but it’s also cheaper to do this and you get to choose what you want. Just look out for the raw and unsalted versions of these nuts- they will provide you with lots of fiber and goodness and keep you filled! The perfect nibbly!

Finally, I had to cut certain drinks. Gatorade had to go, iced tea had to go, and the giganctic amounts of coffee I drink sadly had to go. I still have ONE small cup every morning with a splash of my almond milk and I’m good to go. When I’m feeling the need to have more coffee, I drink this instead:

One Peppermint tea bag (great for your digestive track) and One green- tea bag. Both are naturally caffiene free and caffiene is renowned to slow down your metabloism. Green tea is a natural FAT BURNER. And let’s be honest, we can use all the help we can get. Honey is all natural and way tastier than sugar and it helps soothe your throat!  

Along with all of this, I am just beginning to try this supplement:

I take 2 a day with meals and apparently is is also a fat burner and a great regulator for your sugar level and metabolism. The cook at camp said she lost 20 pounds with out diet or exercise. It’s often prescribed to people with diabetes to help maintain a steady sugar level. I have not found any side effects after research unless you are allergic to cinnamon. So, I’m going to try it and if it works, it works! If not, oh well! Here is a great article about the benefits of Cinnamon:

I realize that eating the same meal can be boring, but surprisingly, I didn’t feel that bad about it. I plan on expanding my organic diet and I will be high lighting new meals and snacks here every other day or so! So, come back and see how my journey towards health and wholeness goes and join in if you feel like it!

I am NO expert, just and experiementist and I urge all to be very cautious/use common sense when changing the way you eat- feel free to consult your own research and doctor!

Until next time, Healthy Eating!



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