My First Organic Recipe: Turkey Chili. Score.

 After cleansing out my system for little over a week, I decided to venture out and expand to include some different organic food.

Honestly, I was very nervous to do so because I was used to the whole granola and fruit thing and was feeling great and productive. I’m a little nervous that by expanding what I eat might disturb this health streak! Silly, I know.

So, I decided to add some protein to my body and went out and purchased this:

I got home, scratched my head, twiddled my thumbs…got distracted by that disturbing show 16 and Pregnant, tweezed my eye brows and then realized, oh yeah, I should probably eat dinner….but what do I do with this? I remembered that I also bought some organic black beans (I love Black Beans!!) and thought I might try to make my first pot of organic chili!

I cooked the turkey, sliced up and cooked some yellow squash, green bell peppers, and added this:

Let me just tell ya’ll…this is by far the best salsa ever. I LOVE it. So fresh and tasty and completely healthy and organic!  It added the perfect flavor to the chili.  I also added quite a bit of fresh minced garlic, papparika and a tiny amount of ground sea salt and pepper. 

 This chili was fantastic and made more than enough. I will be eating it for the next couple of days. 

To top it off I crumbled a couple of these on top of the chili:

Yummy! It just goes to show that you can steal eat tasty, flavorful meals and still be 100% healthy and lean!  

I plan on trying all new kinds of meals soon after a trip to Wholefoods. Kroger and Publix have a great variety but I know I will hit the motherload of organic goodness at Wholefoods!

Healthy Eating!


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