Are you ready for this post?

It. is. hot.

My ac in my car…DIED.

Our ac in the upstairs of our house….DIED.

Which, inevitably made my heart… DIE. Exaggeration. But  that’s the part of the house I reside in 95% of the time.

Really? The couch downstairs is now my sleeping place.

Also, we ordered the compressor for my car ac a week ago…still hasn’t made an appearance.

As for the upstairs: the repair man is still trying to figure out our warranty with the people who matter- it has been a week.

This is America. This is the country that is supposed to be open 24/7. I feel like I’m in England again. (no offence to my homies over there, love you.)

Sorry, just needed to throw up and rant a bit-thanks.

Today’s happenings:

Hemp Granola, sliced strawberries, blue berries with a splash of almond milk.

Zumba at the Y. Not my fave teacher/style today. Way toooo latin for me. I just wanna get hip. However, it was still a very hard work out and I haven’t felt well since. I think I may want to calm down with all this exercise a bit.  Simmer down.

Veggie Grill: 1 whole green bell pepper, 1 whole tomato, 1 whole yellow squash, several mushrooms, minced garlic, organic pesto, fresh lime juice, ground pepper cooked with extra virgin olive oil (organic).

It was very very tasty and yummy. Loved the pesto and the hint of lime with it!

In other news! I feel the need to do something exciting with my style and I found the perfect fit for me. I have always been super nervous to dye my hair a different color. The most extravegant thing I’ve done was the perm in 5th grade (biggest.mistake.ever.) and I have dyed my hair black which is like one shade from my natural color. So, I’ve stumbled upon these feather hair extensions and just love them! When my friend Amanda who is a hair stylist posted that she was now doing them, I knew it was the time! So, hopefully very soon my hair will house something like this:

Feathers! Get in my hair!

So long for now!


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