Two Peircings, One Day

You are probably wondering what I had pierced today, aren’t you?

You probably think it is some edgy, weird piercing…right?

You have probably figured out by now that it’s not as edgy as I originally tricked you into thinking it was, right?

Well, you are correct because…

I got my ears pieced. Just the normal eight year old girl right of passage piercing at Claire’s in the mall kinda’ peircing.

You’re in shock now, I am sure!  sarcasm!

I actually have had them pierced when I was…eight years old-shocker. My Dad surprised my sister and I (and my mother…oops.) with gift certificates for ear piercings. We were so overjoyed! Until, it happened. He took us to the Walmart jewelry dept. as any Dad would do and the lady was clearly unqualified to pierce little girls’ ears and long story short, I had to get them surgically removed. My senior year of high school, I had to have another minor surgery to remove the scar tissue in order to repierce them…but I waited several years, until today. spontaneity! Whitney’s birthday present to me! woohoo!I can not wait to get some creative, dangly earrings when the time is ready! It’s like I’m eight years old all over again!

I fully embraced the little eight year old girl inside of my heart (not literally, that is A. Impossible and B. A really bad idea for a Sci-Fi movie) and caught fireflies with my neice and nephews at Grandkids night this evening with the mason jar and everything. How lovely to be a kid again, it took me right back to my childhood at Rock Springs Road catching fireflies with my sister almost every summer night. Good memories.


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