Snow White

Thank-you British Heritage for gifting me the snowiest pale complexion.

No, I am not being sarcastic. I really am thankful for my pale skin.

For years, I have been teased for being so pale and I have tried everything to be the opposite of the way I was made to be: pale.

-Laying out. I have never enjoyed this. It bores me to death, I get sweaty and groggy and the end result? Burnt Lobster. AKA no fun.

-Tanning lotion. End result: Oompa Loompa orange skin. gross.

-Tanning Oil- more burnt.

Finally, I have come to the point where I not only don’t care about being tan but I actually love my complexion. Call me conceited, but I don’t care- I am proud to be the way God created me!  After all, Snow White was ever so coveted for her gorgeous snowy skin.

To all my lady (and male) friends who find the need to lay out and go to the tanning bed, I urge you, yes you, to watch this video. Your skin was wonderfully made- don’t overcook it!  Please, please watch this.

If this pulled at your heart strings and compelled you to share it with someone you care about who tans, please share my blog entry via facebook, twitter  etc. Copy and paste this link:


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