No silly, this is what a honeymoon should look like:



So here’s the deal. The budget is TIGHT. We already are busily putting our extra $ in a savings account for our down payment on our first home. But, we really… really want to begin our marriage the right way by having a relaxing honeymoon together. This might be the only time we will be able to do this before our jobs strap us down and little ones begin to make their entrances into our world.  So, our creative juices got flowing and we had an idea!

We both handmake creative home decor items. It is something we really enjoy doing and to be honest- we’re good at it! So why not offer these items to others and enjoy the profit.  Introducing:

                                                Not Too Shabby Designs 

The plan is to make and sell as many handmades as possible before October and put 100% of the profits into our honeymoon fund. We need $2,000 dollars to cover travel, room and food.  We have found some great deals on cheapcarribean.com that offer all inclusive affordable vacations.

Meet our introductory products:

Sydney’s Handmade Mason Jar Chalice $10

Lucas’ Handmade Custom Order Barnwood Lights (Made from salvaged barn wood and mason jars!)$45 & up One featured is $50.  

We would love to serve and make you something special for your home. These unique & handmade products would also make wonderful and affordable gifts! (Think Christmas ya’ll!) If you would like to purchase one of our lovely products, leave a comment below and we will get our crafty hands to work for you!

With love,




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