Wedding Bells Are Chiming…Almost.

This is what life has consisted of recently:

These will be our wedding guest favors and double as their mug for the Coffee Bar. Inside will hold a smore's kit for the fire!
Mixed China!

It didn’t make much sense for us to rent these from our vendor for 40 cents each and then hire dish washers for $10 a hour when we can buy them for 25 cents each at Goodwill- major score! When we are done with them, we will scrape them off, dip them into hot water and load them up in a tub- easy peasy and a big $ saver!

P.s. it took me a good hour to soak all these dishes and scrape off the sale sticker- gross. But totally worth it.

Off to the land of nod- I have a job interview in the AM to be a full time pre-school teacher! Fingers crossed and prayers lifted!


Over & Out,




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