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In the bottom paragraph I said: “Yes, it is SO VERY tempting to go ahead and move in but I would feel like such a loser. I mean, I have made it this far and I am like less than 70 days out.” I was referring to myself moving in our house before the wedding. Let me please be clear in saying that I definitely do not think that people who live together before marriage are at all “losers”. I was saying however, that I would feel like a “loser” if I gave up  since I have made it thus far with out living together. I do not believe it is wrong to live together before marriage but I have chosen not to because it is important to me for various reasons. Just a preference!  Sorry to anyone who might have been offended by this, I probably should have clarified that better! -Syd 


I appreciate and understand that sweet little saying now more than I ever have. I have been so anxious to find our first home and have hardly been patient about it all.  After 7 moves in 4 years I am SO, SO ready to have a place to call home. A place where the suitcases can be completely unpacked and boxes thrown away after we take everything out. A place to decorate and create a sanctuary.

Last Thursday Lucas was off work so we decided to make a day of house hunting! I had been searching Craigslist for houses that were for rent in Nashville for several days. I made tons of calls, voicemails and emails and secured seven appointments for Thursday. I made an itinerary, we hopped in the car and merrily we went on our house hunting journey!

We had a blast and used this time to explore new areas in between showings.

We stopped in Ugly Mugs to go over pros and cons of a few of the houses we had just seen. I enjoyed a mint and honey latte and Lucas enjoyed an almond latte.
Later on in the afternoon we enjoyed the AC and some iced coffee at Sky Blue to replenish our energy levels

After much conversation and conviction we decided on the house we could see ourselves in the most. It was a tough decision between house viewing #1 and viewing #5. But we both knew in our heart of hearts the house #5 won us over completely!  So here are some photos I took of our  FIRST HOME! DRUM ROLL PLEASE……

Wonderful front yard, deck
The Living Room/Dining room separated by a built in book shelf.
Cozy Kitchen with granite and new cupboards. Love the windows!
Study off of the kitchen. We will use this as a reading room/office!
Hallway leading to the bathroom and bedrooms
Adorable Bathroom with Original Vintage tiling- we love it's quirkiness and character!
Blue Bathtub- Ha!
A beautiful bedroom
Second Bedroom/My craft room for our Not Too Shabby Designs business

We get the keys on Sunday and we are thrilled to start making it our own! All of those Pinterest projects I have been saving up on my home and DIY  board can finally be put to use!  Lucas will go ahead and move in but I will be doing the traditional thing and staying home with the fam until the wedding in October. Yes, it is SO VERY tempting to go ahead and move in but I would feel like such a loser. I mean, I have made it this far and I am like less than 70 days out. I think it will be very special to spend our first night there on our wedding night. So in the mean time, I will be spending my free time there making it homey and setting up. We can not wait to set up home and have people over and cook meals in the new place! SO.EXCITED!

Today was a plethora of good news. I also got the call and official job offer to be a pre school teacher in Green Hills. I start Thursday- BIG RELIEF and HUGE BLESSING.

Overflow of blessing ya’ll. Praises to Jesus! We want to thank everyone who has prayed and supported us in this process! You guys are the best!


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