I’m a terrible blogger.


Consistent aren’t we? Not.  I’m going to blame it on the whole getting married, moving and making a home, sharing one vehicle and everything else that has swept me away.

I had to blog today though, because I finally finished a Pinterest project that I have been dying to do but just have not had the time. (I have adored this break from work!) I even took pictures through the whole process which I usually forget to do.

Here was my inspiration:



Oh, how I adore a good wall collage! They bring life and creativity to your home. Wedding photos- I have hundreds! So why not slap them on the wall for all to see. Yes, please. 

Here’s the materials I used:

Unfinished wooden plaques in a variety of shapes and sizes. I was fortunate because Hobby Lobby was marked them 50% so most of them ended up being .40- .60 cents each- bargain!

Paint in Spa Blue, Wasabi Green, Chocolate Brown and Red

Thrifted frames from Goodwill- cheap!

You will also need: Paintbrush(es), Modge Podge Spray, Your favorite photos, Picture Hangers, Hammer & Nails.

First I painted the wooden plaques assorted colors:

Allow to dry and paint a second coat as needed.

Then with the help of my Mom and sister, we nailed picture hangers into each of the wooden plaques.

Now, it is about time for some coffee. This step is very important. Very.

Then it’s time to choose your pictures and glue (spray the backs with modge podge adhesive) to the wooden plaques and or insert into your frames.

Then came the step I decided to totally ignore. Lots of blogs suggested taping out where you wanted to hang the photos or cut out sheets of paper according to your frame sizes but I threw all caution to the wind! Carpe Diem!   

So, I just went with the flow. I layed them out on the floor to get an idea of how I wanted it to take shape. I decided to go against the symmetrical approach and go hilter kilter. Because let’s be honest, life is much more fun this way.

And so begun the nailing & hanging process! I grabbed a hammer and I gave Lucas the manly job of handing me a nail when needed and off  we went to surgically change our living room wall!
I also added a chalkboard that I made, a chip board H and painted it red and an antique poster that I got a while ago at a yard sale. Make it your own!
This was so much fun and a great way for me to relax and unwind! Who would have thought!
Okay my friends, I promise to be more bloggerish this next year! I have lots of DIY wedding decor experiences to share and some handmade Christmas presents to post that would make great year round gifts for birthdays and such celebrations.
Bring in the New Year with the ones you love and steal a kiss when the clock strikes 12:00!
Love and peace,

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