Fever. the baby kind.


Please allow me to start by saying this- we do not plan on acquiring a baby anytime in the near future.  So, just breathe people. I have stopped talking openly about this with people because I get one of these responses:

1. “Oh, just take my child for a day and you will change your mind”. Okay, first off stop trying to get free baby-sitting out of the deal, second off I don’t want your child even though it might be the cutest thing in the world- we want our own child. (Please read this with sarcasm, I’m not being mean.)

2. “You need to wait as long as possible.” Oh, thank-you for telling us what we need to do. Just because you wish you had waited doesn’t mean we need this advice- we plan on waiting, anyways.

Just because we have baby fever does not mean that I am going to suddenly be impregnated and give birth in 23 minutes. I just really love babies and children. (Hence the whole being a infant preschool teacher thing.) I get pooped and thrown up on and screamed at on a daily basis yet I still love those babies so much! We are planners. When we were dating we talked about marriage 2 years before we even got engaged. So, naturally we think it is healthy to start having the conversation about when we want to be parents and how we want to parent together in the future.

Apparently though, if we try to discuss this with others we instantly get attacked with personal experiences, regrets and advice- tons of it. I wish people would just simmer down and stop acting like I’m one of those girls on 16 and pregnant. I’m a married woman who comparatively to a lot of people my age, has made really good decisions her whole life thus far.

So now that you know that I am not pregnant nor trying to get pregnant, I can tell you about how excited I am to be a Mother one day. I had another pregnant dream last night which doesn’t necessarily  have anything to do with babies (it can mean that you are expecting something or something new is happening in your life…New Year, maybe?). I have always had really wild, vivid dreams and I am a definite believer that your dreams are deeply connected to who you are and speak things about your life and experiences that you might not otherwise be aware of. So, I usually try to dissect my dreams and hypothesize what my dream meant to me. This dream, like many of mine was quite comical because I was sitting down to coffee with someone (of whom I can’t remember) and that person  saying how great my pregnant belly looked and until they said that I didn’t know I was pregnant. I looked down and there was a big ole baby bump and I was like “Oh, cool. I’m pregnant”. Ha!

So perhaps, I am unaware of something good and new happening in my life and I need someone else to bring me to awareness and understanding of this opportunity? Maybe.

Anyways, It was really neat to see myself pregnant in my dream. In other pregnant dreams, I usually just suddenly have a baby in my arms and we bypass the whole 9 months growing process. I want to be the best Mother possible and I am so excited to team up with my sweet husband and be apart of nurturing a human being to be a purposed-filled contributor to this world. If I am to be blessed with a child or children one day I want to plan the best I can before then, even if it’s just simply thinking and dreaming up how we want it unfold. With this being said, I already have a Pinterest board for ideas, activities and nursery decor. (Told you I was a planner.) So here are some sweet ideas and baby things..

This baby is just precious

Reminds me of my little sister and I so much

So to close, I am excited to bring the above type of joy into our lives…one day. And that is completely okay. So next time someone tells you they have the baby fever, stop for a moment and share in their excitement instead of acting like they are contagious.

That felt really good to get that off my chest.

Have a lovely Monday!



3 thoughts on “Fever. the baby kind.

  1. I basically stopped reading your baby fever blog after the second paragraph bc i feel like it was geared towards our thanksgiving converstation and any other time i have talked to you about having a baby and although you are being sarcastic i was just giving you advice as i have a BUCK WILD two year old, I am not getting ugly with you at all or being mean I just want you to know that I was giving my baby brother advice as I am entitled to do as his big sister and having a child and being a preschool day care teacher are TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS!! i was both i loved children much like you and now think of them totally differently now that I have my own…. I am excited for you and lucas to have a baby and I was more or less kidding any time i have told you my experiences.. i thought that was part of bonding and becoming family telling you my horror stories in good fun becuase well your family and thats what we do…. I adore my child more than anyone could ever put into words and i would not change him or anything about how he got here for one thing in this world. I think being a mommy is the single best thing you can be and I adore it… ITS HARD THO. and thats all i ever tried to say… also I am not saying your blog is aobut me, but i know that we have had conversations so some of it is based on that… and people are giving you advice becuase you live and learn… I know everyone is different and i hated advice but good advice has given me alot in life and i think that is what poeple are trying to do for you.. anyone else givin you advice that is.. mine was in good fun…. the fact is you are young you are a new bride and you are not yet a mommy and those who have been there just wanna give you some help. the end.
    no hard feelings.. Just had to get that off my chest .

    1. woah woah woah…totally not about you…it was actually a combination of several different people from work and my family that happened over Christmas. Also, I was not mad at anyone. I just wanted to share my frustration as a newlywed. I completely understand how all of the people that gave us advice were trying to help and had the best intentions but after a combination of MANNNNY comments at one sitting Lucas and I both were at our boiling point with advice- I’m sure you can understand this. I actually loved that thanksgiving conversation we had- it involved lots of laughter! Know that I am not out to get you and please don’t assume the worse- I love all of you and have so enjoyed becoming a part of the family.

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