Hell-oh, Good-bye.

I need a break from this dialogue. I’m exhausted from trying to be converted…to a God I already claim as my own. So, I’m taking a much needed rest for a while. (not giving up, just taking a much deserved breather)  I will still blog just about other less heavier topics.

For those who have contributed to the conversation- thank-you!!!!!!! I have so enjoyed getting to know so many of you better- it has been a blessing to my heart and faith.

For those who expressed the need for more  than just an online conversation Lucas and I will be opening up our home Wednesday evenings for fellowship and conversation. (no conversion attempts here) We mulled around what we would like to call the group- first it was Converse. We liked it. But then the word “Unchurch” came to mind. In no way do I denounce Church- I love my church and encourage those who attend to keep attending if that is so their desire. But through the responses and emails from many, I found that there are so many who are the same boat as I. So many expressed a need for a soundboard to just converse about topics that most churches shy away from. So, this group is for the recovering church attendees who no longer feel they have a place to voice their true feelings or for those who just enjoy enriching and explorative conversation. This group will discuss and mull over things like faith, relationships, art and creativity, science etc etc… We will be using Rainn Wilson’s book Soul Pancake to help kick off conversation. (brilliant book filled with great questions about all types of topics). This group is not just for Christians- its for anybody interested in conversing about life. Unchurch.  Also, this not a cult (because I just know someone will assume this), just a friendly gathering of curious hearts!

If you are interested, let me know by leaving me a comment below or messaging me on FB. I will send you a FB invite with more information about times and details!

So, to start my blogcation let’s watch this HILARIOUS video of a Mormon on drugs. It just doesn’t get better than this. If you can get through the first bit, the sound quality gets much better. Oh, just laugh away!


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