Blogging Inspiration.

I came home early from work today feeling crummy.

So, I got cuddled up and blog surfed. I sorta stumbled upon the blogging world. I started this blog mostly for myself- a journal if you will. But now, I’m thinking this thing has more potential than I realized. It’s being heard, read by people all over the world and my mind is boggled because of this. I have no clue how I am getting readers from Canada to Australia but I’m thinking this is more motivation to clean this blog up and devote my very best.

I’m so encouraged and refreshed to read other blogs. One day, of feeling “blogged” down (awful, I know, sorry) I stumbled upon on of my “Preschool Dad”s blog. I have to say that I have so loved getting to know Adeline’s (one of sweet sweet loves in our classroom) family. Adeline’s Mommy has a fabulous blog : Find all kinds of wonderful creative DIY projects, coupons and discounts and lots of cute pictures of her sweet babies! Adeline’s Daddy writes a very wonderful blog as well titled Jesus Needs New PR (I couldn’t agree more with that statement!) This blog has been a lifesaver for me recently. I have so enjoyed the many posts, videos and humor he provides concerning religion and the Christian culture of today. When feeling like I’m alone with my views (I know this is so untrue but there are times I feel like this is indeed the case) it is so uplifting knowing that the opposite is true! I must recommend this dynamic creative blogging couple to you because you will surely be inspired to create, think and expand your mind! Also, they made the most precious children, it’s ridiculous.

I wanted to share a video Matthew posted on his blog- it is excellently written with lots of relatable humor. It reminded me of some of my prior experiences with the church and I think many of my readers will be able to identify with the fear he talks about! Enjoy and when you get a chance explore their blogs!

That is all I have for today, I’m calling it an early night in hopes for my body to heal!



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