Soul Pancake?

Mmmm…now I want pancakes.

Soul Pancake?

Have you heard of it?

I have.

The only reason being is I have a huge crush on Dwight K. Shrute from my favorite television show The Office . Dwight is played by Mr. Rainn Wilson. He is pretty neat.

He collaborated with three other writers and thinkers and together they gave birth to the most beautiful baby book= Soul Pancake.

I bought this book over a year ago for my then Fiance’ (now husband) for his birthday.

This book is a breeding ground for creativity, thought-provoking questions and just good ole’ fashioned ridiculousness. But it is more than just a book, it’s become a movement! If you visit the Soul Pancake website you will find a butt load of ways to join in the conversation with other creatives, interactive activities like uploading a photo of yourself that shows how you are eccentric, and there are even meet up groups all over the nation that you can join in with-awesome.

Whenever I am in a creative rut, I open up this book and have a look around. It’s full of quirky and interesting art work, photos, lots and lots of questions, poems, statistics, challenges and so on. I have found it to be a great resource for our youth group to jump start conversation and dig into life’s big questions!

We will be using this book A LOT in our UNchurch gatherings and maybe I will report back with some of our findings, doings, or thoughts! We would love if you joined in. In fact, I will give you the opportunity to right now.

Question. (from the book)

“How has your view of RIGHT and WRONG evolved?” 

or has it?


Leaver your answer in a comment below and the conversation start happening!




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