Will you be there?

Hey everyone- Happy Monday!

I finally feel so much better. I battled a sinus head ache all weekend from this ridiculous ever flowing drainage that has been going on. But after the storm left last night, the pressure that has been pressing over my eye consistently, lifted- PRAISE JESUS!

I wanted to send out a friendly reminder about UNchurch.

A few details:

You must be after-high aged to attend and there is no age limit after that.

You must RSVP to attend- I need to know how many to expect. So please, if you plan to attend let me know via the FB invite I sent out (let me know if you would like a FB invite if you have not yet received one) or if you are not a FB person, comment below and let me know!

I will send out my address only to those who RSVP- I can’t have random creepos having that info.

If you plan to attend, you might perhaps want a notebook and pen to doodle questions, notes, or silly drawings down. Just a suggestion you can take or leave. Also, feel free to bring any resources (a book, magazine, article, artwork etc.) your conversation might be enhanced by.

Excited to kick this conversation off! See you Wednesday!




3 thoughts on “Will you be there?

  1. I love this idea so much. I just got wind of your blog via Matthew Paul Turner’s twitter and I love your honesty! Do you know if there are other groups like this one around Nashville?

    I’ve recently found myself without a church and would love to have the kinds of connections and conversations you had mentioned in your other post.

    1. Hey!
      I do not know of any other groups like this so that’s why I started it! There have been so many in the same situation as you who needed a place to connect and explore, including myself. We would love to have you- I know it can be intimidating to show up at a strangers house but we would be sure to make you feel welcomed! Let me know and I will email my address.

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