What it Means to be Home

As I prepared our home for our UNchurch gathering last evening, I began to think about creating a sanctuary- a peaceful and inviting place to make our guests feel at home. I thought I would share a blog post from our Not Too Shabby Designs business website I wrote before Lucas and I married.

Myself upon receiving the keys to our 1st Home

Since I was a little girl, I have always been sensitive to my surroundings, light, sound and ambience. For example, I remember sitting in my 2nd grade classroom and looking through the window of the classroom into a third grade classroom. This teacher had lamps everywhere and the awful blinding fluorescent lights were never on. It looked so comfortable and homey that when it was time to request classrooms I requested that classroom solely because of her lamps…yes, strange child I was!
Having a home isn’t just setting up furniture and decor, its creating a sanctuary to dwell in with your loved ones.  This is why I appreciate candles, lighting, throws & blankets, fireplaces, over sized chairs and coffee cups. Because we live in a hectic world with stupid crazy schedules, our souls crave a place to rest! I feel like I have been a little more sensitive to this need and have craved it since I was just a little one. Now that I am engaged and searching for a place to call home with my other half, I have never felt more of a craving to create a home. So, this little business (Not Too Shabby Designs) is scratching that itch for the time being. If i can’t create my own home right now, I would much rather create elements that will provide a little piece of sanctuary for other’s homes because I totally believe in it!
So may I urge you TODAY to come home and find a way to arrange at least one place in your home to call sanctuary. Whether it is re-arranging your furniture that allows you to enjoy a better view, lighting some candles around your bathtub or simply laying out some blankets in your sitting area, find a way to create a little more comfort in your life, because you deserve it!
Lots of love and comfort, 


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