Hello My Name is:

Ok readers, I need your input. I want to name my blog.

Sydneyarden just isn’t cutting it.

It says nothing about my blog.

So, I want some of your creative insights and ideas that capture what my blog is all about (which is often scattered brain and completely unorganized).

Here are some words I think describe me. I have been playing with them:
Sassy. Sassafrass. Sasspot. etc.

I thought about calling this blog the Sass Spot but if you say it out loud it sorta sounds like you are trying to say Sasquatch with a lisp and that is just ever so depressing.

So get your thoughts brewin’ and let me know-seriously, leave a comment! Otherwise I am going to have to dedicate my writings to Sassy Sasquatches and pretend that I believe in them. Help a girl out yo’.



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