The Extra in the Ordinary

If you are a Facebook friend, Twitter or Lightbox follower then you might have noticed an abundance of photos pouring out from myself.

That would be because I’m on a mission.

A challenge.

An endeavor to find holiness in the mundane. To capture beauty in a cup of morning coffee or hope in the crook of a smile.

We walk by miracles. We pass by the extraordinary in pursuit of getting things done. By the end of the day most of our tasks are completed but our souls, our creative minds, are left unfulfilled; thirsty for a drop of awareness. We are wandering blind.

So my mission is extravagant but the means are ordinary and simple. I ask you to join in with me if you go to sleep dehydrated from the mundane and thirsty for holiness.

This is what you will need:

A camera (most of us have them in our pockets and purses- pull out that cell phone!)

An aware mind and open heart.

This guide:


You do not have to use this, but I find that it helps me focus and gives me inspiration. I also find that it has just been a starting point for me- I am pulling out my camera phone all the time now!

If you have an Android phone like myself, than I highly recommend the app called Lightbox. It is Android’s best version of Instagram.

If you do decide to join me, would you let me know in my comment box below with your Twitter handle, Lightbox & FB username? I would love to follow your journey and pictures! Don’t forget to hashtag # your photo with #marchphotoaday and @fatmumslim (she created this list and has a fab blog).

So, to sign out this post I will leave you with today’s challenge.

18. A corner of your home 

My other findings:



Beauty in the mess. 


2 thoughts on “The Extra in the Ordinary

    1. I’m loving this challenge! Project Life will probably happen when I have my 1st baby.

      I have not read that, but I’m in need for a new read. Who is the author?

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