Mint & Honey: the bittersweet




I want to speak about the bitter and the sweet. The mint and the honey. To breathe honesty into the hurt and to dance into the sweet.

Today I want to speak about a boy named Parker.

Three years ago, I began falling in love with a sweet baby boy. His eyes held holiness and the tiny creases in his hands held the dust of his Maker. He swept us all away.

Today his eyes hold mischief and his hands hold sticky dirt. Just this past week we were celebrating his sister’s birthday and as we watched a movie together he made a task of going and bringing Lucas and I two skittles. He made at least 12 different trips and each time he proudly handed over his tiny treasure we would thank him, praise him and then throw them over our backs as soon as he made another trip to the candy bar. We silently giggled each time and celebrated his inner boy.

I have watched his shoes get bigger, his personality burst through and his toys become more aggressive and intimidating.

I have sat at the dinner table and watched him stop the entire family at least four different times during the meal to pray over it. I have also watched the same little boy stuff bacon into that mouth of his as fast as he could while his mommy prayed over breakfast; proof that praying with your eyes wide open is far more glorious than closing them.

And now I begin to watch that not so little boy become an older brother. I’m not sure he is aware of it yet but it has already been set in motion as Katie’s bump grows a little more each day.

There is something holy about this baby growing business. I only know from watching the women
around me nurture the life within them. I can only imagine what it might be like. But from being in community and sharing alongside these Mommies, light just pours out. Even in the bitterness of pains and sickness as they sacrifice their body to bring someone into existence, there is light. The bitter and the sweet. The mint and the honey.

So as I watch Parker unknowingly stepping into his God given role of big brother I catch the tiniest glimpse of how God must feel as we unknowingly step into our purposes. Parker will most likely feel the bitter and have to go through the growing pains of change. But boy will the honey flow when he learns what it means to be the big brother and discover the holiness in the eyes of the baby. We also know what the bitter feels like and sometimes all too much. We let the honey slip on by without savoring its’ sweetness while we sit white knuckled with the mint.

The mint and the honey are made for each other. They balance each other out and when combined they make the most delicious pairing. It’s funny how a cup of hot green tea can connect with the real of life. And to think I have been making my tea with mint and honey all these years. So sip with me won’t you and enjoy the bitter and the sweet.

And now I introduce you with my new blog name and series: Mint & Honey: the bittersweet
(because Mundane Glory isn’t working for me)

Each week I will talk about the bitter and the sweet. I will relish in the real and in the honest while dwelling in the sweet all at the same time. I open an invitation to you to do the same and invite you to partake!

Sydney Arden


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