Something You Won’t Want to Miss…


I’m proud to announce my new blog addition! A while back I decided to write letters to my future children that are just the twinkle in our eyes. I wanted them to know who I was and what I was like as a young 20 something. I’ve been contemplating whether or not to make it public but after much consideration….its up and open! And…there is an awesome video you can’t miss. GO. WATCH. IT.


Visit:  to read all the letters (pre-pregnancy and during) and to keep up with our ongoing 9 months!

Please DO NOT comment or reply after the facebook post. I kindly ask that you reply under the video! Thank-you!


13 thoughts on “Something You Won’t Want to Miss…

  1. Tears they are a flowin!! So cute and a sweet. Love Lucas’s reaction. Glad it’s out!!:) so excited for y’all!!! XOXO❤❤

  2. Ok whew no more keeping a secret…. well sorta but that’s a lot to ask since Oct 22 until Dec 7. I’m sorta proud I kept the secret … well sorta… but you have to admit for me I did really well!!!! I am awful at keeping secrets! Love you! MOM

  3. So sweet …love the video!! Perfect way to make announcement. Tears , tears, tears… all happy !! I’m thrilled. You will be great parents.

    1. Thank you Grandma Jan! We are thrilled too and you will have to meet your new great grandchild when he or she comes! We will be going to World Conference so hopefully we can grab dinner with you while we are there!

  4. You two are beautiful. You’ve already given this new little creation more love than many children receive in a lifetime. Loving your child is the greatest gift you can ever give. Congratulations. This is wonderful news. We rejoice with you and can’t wait to see you at Reunion!!!! Wait a minute–we can boil water there!!!!!!

    1. Oh, thank-you so much! We have been prepared for this in various ways but a big part has come from our church family and community. Hahaha…think we can wash out the baptismal and use it for a birthing tub..we can just do the baby blessing right then and there too- twofer! 😉

  5. Sydney,
    Words cannot express my excitement for you and Lucas! I am so happy it is out and so happy for you both! You are going to love motherhood! Just by the time you have taken on the details on how you have told everyone proves you are going to be the best mommy! Please let me know when you are in Murfreesboro, we need to have a scream fest! 🙂 I love you and miss you dearly! I consider you one of my dearest friends!

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